VOR navigation simulator and IFR procedure trainer

VOR Tracker is a beautifully designed instrument procedure trainer for pilots. It is unique in simplicity and the only one of it’s kind for smartphones and tablets.

With VOR Tracker, you are two taps away from practicing holding patterns, radial interceptions, DME arcs, or two needle tracking in real time wherever you are. Open the app, choose the type of procedure you want to practice, and start flying!

It is practice what it is all about! There is no need to explain over and over again what you already know from flight school. It is about applying that knowledge when the instruments start moving!

VOR Tracker is designed for pilots doing their IR course, and it truly is a great asset. Get familar with flying the procedures without wasting expensive flight time!

It is very helpful for commercial pilots applying for a job, as holding patterns and radial interceptions are commonly used during sim assessments. Preparing yourself with VOR Tracker will give you the spare capacity and confidence you need.

Even experienced pilots use VOR Tracker to brush up their skills. Do you still know how to fly that entry should the automatics fail or you struggle to set up the FMS at short notice? Radial interceptions? Even though the app only focuses on lateral navigation at a constant altitude and speed, it is amazing to see how much capacity is needed if not used to flying these procedures anymore.

VOR Tracker is carefully designed to reflect the characteristics of different instruments, navaids, and aircraft types. Choose between VOR and NDB navigation, instrument to be used (HSI or RMI) and a speed range of 90 up to 230 kts.

Use the freeze mode to orientate or check your progress using the map mode. If needed, the holding entry sectors can be displayed and the aircraft moved to a new position per drag and drop to practice a particular holding entry or a radial interception from a different position.

For analyzing different options, a rewind function is available. When rewinding, the original track line will still be displayed, so you can compare different options.

Start off with no wind to get comfortable and increase the difficulty later on by adding more. The wind is displayed on the clipboard as either the actual wind or the ATIS wind at ground level (use rule of thumb “wind speed*2/ wind direction + 30 degrees” to get the actual wind).To add a challenge, the displayed wind can also be hidden.

The app will throw randomly created procedures at you with wind conditions of selectable categories. Of course, you can create your own procedures, for example a holding pattern you expect to fly during your check flight, and adjust the wind to reflect actual or expected conditions. By using the reposition button you will start over from a new, random starting position. A great way to prepare and get to know the procedure inside out!

VOR Tracker is an extremely helpful tool for every pilot, from the newbee doing his initial training to the experienced airline captain, but it also is fun to use and a great way to develope and keep up your IFR skills.

IFR simulator features

  • VOR or NDB navigation
  • Practice holding patterns, DME arcs, radial interceptions, and two needle tracking in real time
  • Choose between RMI or HSI
  • EHSI available as an in-app purchase
  • Use the instrument like you would do in the real aircraft
  • Use the map mode to verify your progress
  • Lost? Use the help function to display the holding pattern entries in the map mode
  • Things are going a bit too fast? Use the freeze mode to orientate
  • Getting bored in straight flight? Use the fast mode
  • You want to start over or change the aircraft’s position? Just drag & drop, or twist the the aircraft symbol for quick heading changes
  • Start with no wind and increase the difficulty later on by adding wind
  • Getting settled? Why not increase the aircraft’s speed in the settings menu?
  • Customize your own missions by creating holding patterns and adjusting the wind the way you want
  • Use the hidden wind function to add a realistic challenge
  • Practice a particular hold or interception by starting over and over again from different random starting positions using the reposition button
  • Analyze your progress in the map mode. Rewind and start over. The original track line will still be displayed for proper comparison
  • Share your flights! Post your missions on Facebook or Twitter, send them to a friend, or add them to your study notes

VOR Tracker is a procedure trainer and focuses on lateral navigation at a fixed speed and altitude, it is neither a game or a flight simulator!

VOR Tracker – Get a grip on navigation!

Prepare yourself without wasting expensive flight  time – use VOR Tracker App to brush up your skills! > Read this in Chinese (Simplified) > Read this in Chinese (Traditional)

IFR procedure trainer