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Update 2.0.4

NEW UPDATE released for both iOS & Android!


We dramatically improved the map mode, which now shows heading, track, drift, and ground speed information. We improved the zoom function, and you are now able to not just drag & drop, but also twist the aircraft symbol for rapid heading changes.

A rewind function is available. Let’s say you tried a holding pattern entry or a wind correction and want to compare it to another option. Simply rewind and do it again – the original track line will still be displayed for proper comparison.

Share your flights! Post your missions on Facebook or Twitter, send them to a friend, or copy them for your study notes.

The EHSI now incorporates ground speed information and a track diamond.



Update 2.0.3

We improved the starting positions for radial interceptions to make them even more realistic.

There is now a new button on the mission screen, the relocation button. Start over practicing holding patterns or radial interceptions without changing the procedure or the wind. This is ideal for preparing a particular holding pattern in known or expected weather conditions in preparation of a check flight.

Check out how you can set up a particular holding pattern and use the reposition button to start over and over again from random starting positions.

VOR Tracker 2 – Out now!

VOR Tracker, the best IFR procedure trainer for the iPhone/iPad is now the best looking one as well. We added DME arcs, 2 needle tracking, NDB navigation and much more.

What’s new in version 2.0:

  • photo-realistic design
  • new mission types: DME arcs & 2 needle tracking
  • NDB navigation with adjustable dip error
  • wind categories calm, light, medium, strong
  • hidden wind function
  • speed adjustable between 90 and 230 kts to meet piston aircraft
  • up to jet characteristics
  • heading bug for the HSI
  • EHSI available as an in-app purchase
  • sound