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More improvements with December’s update!

As you one can easily spot, holding patterns can now be displayed in plain text. While this is something you will almost never encounter in real life, it is a great exercise. We introduced this following suggestions of our users, so thank you very much for the input and keep it coming.

Visible, but not so obvious is the new autopilot function for the HSI. This should give you some extra thinking time and might be helpful, especially in the beginning.

For better handling and to cope with strong wind, it is now possible to increase the angle of bank by holding the direction arrow. This is also something that was requested by users and we are quite happy with the result!

Update 2.0.4

NEW UPDATE released for both iOS & Android!


We dramatically improved the map mode, which now shows heading, track, drift, and ground speed information. We improved the zoom function, and you are now able to not just drag & drop, but also twist the aircraft symbol for rapid heading changes.

A rewind function is available. Let’s say you tried a holding pattern entry or a wind correction and want to compare it to another option. Simply rewind and do it again – the original track line will still be displayed for proper comparison.

Share your flights! Post your missions on Facebook or Twitter, send them to a friend, or copy them for your study notes.

The EHSI now incorporates ground speed information and a track diamond.



Update 2.0.3

We improved the starting positions for radial interceptions to make them even more realistic.

There is now a new button on the mission screen, the relocation button. Start over practicing holding patterns or radial interceptions without changing the procedure or the wind. This is ideal for preparing a particular holding pattern in known or expected weather conditions in preparation of a check flight.

Check out how you can set up a particular holding pattern and use the reposition button to start over and over again from random starting positions.

VOR Tracker 2 – Out now!

VOR Tracker, the best IFR procedure trainer for the iPhone/iPad is now the best looking one as well. We added DME arcs, 2 needle tracking, NDB navigation and much more.

What’s new in version 2.0:

  • photo-realistic design
  • new mission types: DME arcs & 2 needle tracking
  • NDB navigation with adjustable dip error
  • wind categories calm, light, medium, strong
  • hidden wind function
  • speed adjustable between 90 and 230 kts to meet piston aircraft
  • up to jet characteristics
  • heading bug for the HSI
  • EHSI available as an in-app purchase
  • sound

VOR Tracker – IFR procedure trainer – Introduction Videos

This video gives a little impression how VOR Tracker lets pilots practice holding patterns. You can also practice radial interceptions, using either an RMI or HSI. Create your own procedures and customize the settings like aircraft speed and wind.


This video gives a little impression how VOR Tracker lets pilots practice radial interceptions. You can also practice holding patterns, using either an RMI or HSI. Create your own procedures and customize the settings like aircraft speed and wind.

IFR Procedure Trainer available in App Store Now

IFR Procedure TrainerIt must be possible to practice these things on a smartphone! That was the idea a while back. After quite a bit of thinking, trying, programming, and testing, we can now offer our solution.

VOR Tracker is a real simulation, so you will find no multiple choice questions or abstract explanations. You can actually practice holding patterns and radial interceptions in real time, using either an RMI or HSI.

Yesterday, the iOS App was released in the App Store. The Android version is soon to follow.